Play by Play

Terms & Conditions

PlayByPlay is a unique service organisation that fills unsold seats for live event performances. We do not sell tickets.

Out of respect for producers, productions, and venues PlayByPlay members agree to refrain from discussing the receipt of complimentary tickets and/or Play by Play on any internet discussion forum or whilst attending a performance. Failure to abide by this policy will result in immediate cancellation of membership without refund.

PlayByPlay participants are 'seat-fillers'. PlayByPlay and its membership exist first and foremost as a service for producers and theatres to fill assigned seats for productions and be the most positive audience members possible. Members do not purchase tickets. Members are promising to fill unsold seat(s) which are given to you free of charge as a gift from the theatre. When you place a reservation through PlayByPlay you are promising to fill the exact seat(s) assigned to you by the theatre. This is the sole purpose of our organization.

PlayByPlay participants should NEVER contact a theatre directly for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER!

PlayByPlay participants should cooperate fully with the theatre without question and follow all rules set forth by the theatre and PlayByPlay at all times. Any infraction of these rules will result in termination of membership without refund.

Seating locations are at the discretion of the producers and/or the box office and should never be questioned by PlayByPlay members. Members are NEVER allowed to request different seat for any reason whatsoever. Questioning or requesting different seats will result in closure of an account without refund.

ANY infraction of the rules reported by a theatre, will result in the closure of a member's account without refund.

"NO SHOW" POLICY: Members who fail to attend a performance for which they have an active reservation:

  1. will immediately have their accounts frozen against future reservations; and
  2. will have their account terminated with membership fees non-refundable.

In case of emergency: if a participant is unable to attend a reserved performance PlayByPlay should be notified as soon as possible. No refund of Service Fee will be given. Failure to notify PlaybyPlay prior to a confirmed reservation not being honoured will result in closure of an account without refund.

ONLY PlaybyPlay account holders may collect tickets at the box office or other designated location. Failing to collect tickets yourself will result in immediate cancellation of an account without refund.

Attendees must have a Reservation Confirmation available when collecting tickets—either printed or accessible on mobile. Box office, theatre management, and PlaybyPlay officials reserve the right to require appropriate identification to verify an account holder's identity.

The number of individuals who are granted access to PlayByPlay’s offerings is limited and subject to availability and approval. Minimum age for participation is 18.

The registration fee to open a PlayByPlay account is £45. In order to maintain an active account, a renewal fee of £45 is required annually. Renewal fees are not refundable.

Account registration fees are 100% refundable up to fourteen (14) days after purchase if no seats have been reserved. Once seats have been reserved, the registration fee is no longer refundable.

Registration Fees for former members who have asked to re-join are not refundable.

Account-holders may renew their account at any time. Upon renewal, your new expiry date will be one year from your present expiry date. Therefore, you do not need to wait until the last day of your membership to renew.

PlayByPlay participants are required to pay a small Service Fee for each seat reserved. Fees currently range from £2.00-£6.00 per seat and are clearly indicated for each performance. After a performance has been reserved Service Fees will only be refunded if the performance is cancelled by the theatre or producer.

Account-holders may deposit the Service Fee for just the seats they desire at that time or, for convenience, deposit an additional amount for use at a later date. Our website tracks Prepaid Service Fee balances and subtracts the appropriate fee for each seat reserved (just like an Oyster Card). When participants log into the PlayByPlay website their Service Fee balance appears at the top of the page. When a Prepaid Service Fee balance is not sufficient to cover the fees needed for a reservation the website will direct the participant to the Credit Card Transaction page to make a deposit into their Service Fee account. For security purposes, PlayByPlay does not capture or store any credit card information, therefore credit card information must be entered with each transaction. Service fee balance is refundable per request up to fourteen (14) days after membership expires. To request service fee refund, members must contact support@playbyplay.co.uk. Service fees are not refundable after fourteen (14) days of membership expiration.  

PlayByPlay reserves the right to change account opening fees, renewal fees, and service fees at the discretion of management. Account-holders will be notified a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to a change.

PlayByPlay account-holders are offered the opportunity to fill from 2 to 4 seats per performance, based on available inventory. Single tickets may be booked if desired. Seat quantities and availability are at the full discretion of the show's producers, not PlayByPlay.

ONLY PlayByPlay account holders may reserve seats for shows. PlayByPlay accounts are Non-Transferable. In all cases, the registered account-holder of PlayByPlay must present appropriate identification to collect reserved tickets at the box office or other designated location. No exceptions are made to this policy. Misuse of an account will result in immediate cancellation without refund.

When attending a performance as a representative of PlayByPlay, account-holders must follow the appropriate Standards of Decorum, Discretion and Dependability as established by this organisation in conjunction with participating theatre producers (See Standards of Decorum, Discretion and Dependability as an Addendum to Terms and Conditions)

Account-holders must collect their tickets at the time and location designated by PlayByPlay for each individual show. Anyone failing to do so will not be issued refunds for Service Fees. Failing to collect tickets at the designated time and location will result in immediate cancellation of an account without refund.

PlayByPlay is not responsible for any failure to perform its obligations if it is prevented or delayed in performing those obligations by an event of force majeure.

PlayByPlay attendees arriving late are forbidden from approaching the Box Office to request tickets. This action will result in immediate cancellation of an account without refund. Theatres depend on PlayByPlay participants to follow designated instructions so as not to interfere with the arrival and service of audience members who have paid for tickets.

Should a theatre or box office be unable to honour a PlayByPlay reservation after the participant has followed all designated rules, please cooperate fully with the theatre and inform PlayByPlay immediately. Appropriate Service Fee refunds will be made immediately and the theatre will be contacted to resolve the issue.

Selling of tickets acquired through PlayByPlay is strictly prohibited by law and will result in appropriate legal action and the immediate cancellation of an account without refund.

PlayByPlay and theatre management reserve the right to refuse admission for inappropriate dress or conduct, which will also result in cancellation of an account without refund.

PlayByPlay is a privately owned organisation and as such reserves, the right to limit the number of accounts and/or close accounts for any reason deemed necessary.

Show listings and information provided on the PlayByPlay website are confidential, proprietary and intended solely for the use of our authorised account-holders. Anyone discovered disclosing or sharing such information in any public forum deemed inappropriate by PlayByPlay management will have their account immediately closed without refund.



PlayByPlay and its membership exist as a service for producers and theatres; our role is to assist producers in creating the most positive and exciting theatrical environment possible for everyone in the audience and on stage. Our purpose is not only to fill empty seats but to "dress the house" for productions. Members share in that responsibility.


  • Never discuss the receipt of complimentary tickets or PlayByPlay on any internet discussion forum or whilst attending a performance.
  • Never contact the theatre directly concerning seats booked through PlayByPlay. All communication is to be directed to PlayByPlay.
  • Always attend a performance after you have committed to do so.
  • Always collect tickets yourself and accompany your guests to the performances.
  • Always collect tickets according to the Ticket Collection Instructions on our website.
  • Never question the box office about the seats you are given or ask for your seats to be changed. Never ask for special seating accommodations.
  • Always be polite, patient, friendly and appreciative to all box office and theatre staff.
  • Always remain for the entire performance.
  • Always applaud appropriately and generously—we have been invited to create a positive atmosphere.
  • Never mention Play by Play (or how your seats were arranged) whilst at the theatre, unless asked by a member of the box office staff.
  • Never take young children to the productions unless the show is specified as being children's theatre or family appropriate.

If a policy or conduct violation by a member is reported by a theatre to PlayByPlay the member's account will be subject to immediate termination. In this event, registration fees will be non-refundable.

All PlayByPlay members promise to follow these Standards of Decorum, Discretion and Dependability as established by PlayByPlay in conjunction with participating theatres.